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Advanced Open Water

What is the Dive Centre "Advanced Open Water" course?

Dive Centre's Advanced Course allows you to sample some of those action-packed underwater activities that you have always been interested in! You will have a great weekend away in the Bay of Islands, where you can get additional diving experience under the supervision of one of our professional Diving Instructors. Whether you have just completed your Open Water Course or have been diving for years, you'll enhance dive skills, meet new buddies and gain confidence as you explore various adventure dives.

PADI Night Dive Surface - 2 AcrossClick here for the Advanced Open Water course schedule!

What kind of dives will I do?

  • Your first dive is on the Cantebury wreck, using one of the top local charter boats. This ex-Royal New Zealand Navy Frigated was purpose-sunk for diving, and is a fantastic wreck dive!
  • Your second dive is the navigation dive, this is done in one of the local bays where you will learn both compass and natural navigation techniques.
  • We then wait for nightfall and head out for your first Night Dive! An exciting time to dive, the under-water world changes completely at night, some fish sleep, others come alive, crayfish start walking around. You never know what you might see!
  • On the second day we board the charter boat again, this time bound for one of the many amazing Bay of Islands dive sites (maybe even the Wreck again!). The first dive of the day is the Deep Dive down to 30m.
  • Your final dive of the weekend is an Underwater Naturalist dive. This is a great way to learn about the beautiful inhabitants of the underwater world.

PADI Wreck 01 - 2 AcrossDo I have to spend much time in the classroom?

No! The course has been designed to take place where you want it to - out diving! You will have one orientation session watching videos on the types of dives you'll do on the weekend, and running through logistics, but no big theory sessions or exams. The Adventures in Diving manual covers all the theory you need. Just a brief review with your instructor and the rest of the weekend is spent diving!

If it has been some time since your last dive we recommend a scuba review session before joining this course.

How much does it cost?

The Dive Centre Advanced Course costs $749 and includes the PADI Advanced Diver Manual with Data Carrier slate, PADI Certification, Instructor Fees, all charter boat fees for all dives, hire cylinders, air fills, as well as your accommodation for Friday and Saturday nights and includes meals as well! The program also includes any Scuba Equipment you need for the course. However, you will need to supply a torch and light stick for your night dive. (We have great discounts on torches instore).PADI Wreck 02 - 2 Across

Click here for the Adventures in Diving course schedule!

What if I have a dive buddy that wants to come away diving for the weekend?

Bring them along! For only $349 they can join you on a fantastic weekend in the Bay of Islands! This includes charter boat fees for dives Saturday & Sunday, as well as accommodation for Friday and Saturday nights and includes meals as well! ** Please note they must be "Advanced Open Water certified" or equivalent to join the trip as a certified diver.

Do I need another Dive Medical?

If you have completed a Dive Medical within the last twelve months, all we need is a copy of the completed form. If it has been more than twelve months you need to complete a new Medical questionaire. Dive Centre Ltd New Diver Medical Questionnaire  

Everyone doing a dive course needs to complete a medical questionaire and we recommend doing that before booking onto the course.

When completing the medical questionaire, if the answer is no to all questions on page 1, you can just sign it and it’s done. (Unless the diver is less than 18 years old in which case a parent/guardian must sign as well).

If the answer is yes to any of the page 1 questions it guides you which sections to fill out on page 2 and you must get your normal Doctor (GP) to sign it off on page 3.

This medical is scuba diving specific and must be completed less than 12 months before starting your course.

The form that is used is available from our main store, or you can download it here in pdf format. Dive Centre Ltd New Diver Medical Questionnaire  

If for any reason you fail the Medical, you will be refunded any course fees paid to us, as long as your PADI crew pack is undamaged, complete and you haven't written in the manual.

There is a list of Diving Doctors on the "Introduction page".

How do I get started?

Just choose a date from the schedule and with a $150 deposit, you will receive your PADI "Advanced Open Water" Manual and you can start your next dive adventure right now! Phone us on (09) 444 7698 or email us now, and Come alive, learn to dive with Dive Centre!




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THEORY SESSION - (Evening 6.30pm - 8.30pm)  Tues 25 - WEEKEND DIVING - Sat 29, Sun 1 March - Bay of Islands

MARCH 2020

THEORY SESSION - (Evening 6.30pm - 8.30pm) Tues 24 - WEEKEND DIVING - Sat 28, Sun 29 March - Bay of Islands

MAY 2020

THEORY SESSION - (Evening 6.30pm - 8.30pm) Tues 19 - WEEKEND DIVING - Sat 23, Sun 24 May - Bay of Islands

JUNE 2020

THEORY SESSION - (Evening 6.30pm - 8.30pm) Tues 23 - WEEKEND DIVING - Sat 27, Sun 28 June - Bay of Islands


THEORY SESSION - (Evening 6.30pm - 8.30pm)  Tues 17 - WEEKEND DIVING - Sat 21, Sun 22 November - Bay of Islands

While every effort is made to ensure all information is correct, details are subject to change without notice.

Please phone us on (09) 444 7698, or email us now, for availablility and confirmation of course dates.