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Dive Master

What is a PADI Divemaster?

The Divemaster rating is the first "Professional membership" level within PADI. You will begin to use your diving skills and knowledge to help others experience this great sport.

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The Divemaster course expands the problem solving skills developed by the PADI Rescue programme, and extends them from accident management and prevention scenarios to supervisory situations with student divers and certified divers. At the Divemaster level, problem solving includes more than safety-related issues, and includes handling customer service, business and operational challenges. The dive community expects several characteristics of a PADI divemaster.

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These include:

  • Exemplary diving skills:- The Divemaster's skills can be used as demonstrations for student divers.
  • Rescue skills:- The Divemaster can prevent and manage accidents, and role model rescue skills for student divers in training.
  • Professional-level knowledge of dive theory:- Depth of theoretical knowledge goes hand-in-hand with expertise and professionalism. This is the foundation for problem solving and creativity in Divemaster's duties, and for subsequent growth as a PADI Assistant Instructor.
  • Competence as a certified assistant:- Divemasters know how to support instruction by handling logistical and supervisory situations as well as limited educational duties under an instructor's supervision. PADI Pre Dive Check - 2 Across
  • Dive management and supervision abilities:- Divemasters accept appropriate, limited responsibility for certified divers within the context of leading or managing diving activities. This requires good people skills and good judgement along with a strong working knowledge of dive environments and activities. The Divemaster assists dive operations with risk management.
  • Ethical role model behaviour:- Divemasters are expected to display common honesty and courtesy, and follow accepted, responsible dive practises. Their behaviour reflects well on them, the dive operation they work for, as well as PADI.
  • Enthusiasm and fun:- People learn to dive for the excitement, adventure, and challenge - or broadly, for fun. They look to Divemasters to assist them in having fun within their interests and skill levels. Divers expect Divemasters to be pleasant and sociable individuals to interact with.

What makes up the program?

Your Divemaster training is done in four parts. The first is the development of your diving knowledge through self study, using several PADI Manuals. During the second phase of your training you'll complete six sessions over several weeks, covering theory, practical skills and stamina exercises.

PADI Pool Briefing - 2 AcrossThe practical skills will include:

  • 400m swim-under 11 min
  • 800m snorkel swim-under 18 min, 30 sec.
  • 15 min water tread-last 2 min, hands out
  • 100m tired diver tow-under 4min, 20 sec.
  • Skill evaluation circuits
  • Equipment exchange
  • Underwater Map
  • Emergency Assistance Plan
  • Rescue Assessment

During the next phase you will sit exams on the following subjects:

  • Dive Planning
  • Supervising Students
  • Dive Physiology
  • Diving skills and the environment
  • Recreational Dive Planner
  • Dive Management
  • Diving Physics
  • Diving Equipment

All Included!

The Dive Centre Divemaster Course also includes the "Master of a Small Dive Boat" Course which is a skipper qualification for vessels up to 6m in length specifically engaged in dive activities as well as the PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider Course! (Both programs include Manuals and certification)!

PADI Gear Assembly - 2 AcrossThe last phase of your training will involve an internship that includes:

  • Assisting on as many Openwater Courses as you want (minimum 2)
  • Assisting on an Advanced, Rescue or Speciality Course
  • Guiding certified divers
  • Conducting a scuba review session

You will have the choice of our entire training schedule so you can complete your internship in the minimum time needed or take your time and get as much experience as you want!

What are the prerequisites?

Prior to beginning your Divemaster training you will need the following:

  • PADI Adventures in Diving (used to be called the Advanced Course) or equivalent
  • PADI Rescue or equivalent
  • First Aid and CPR within 2 years
  • The PADI Emergency First Response Course is recommended.
  • 20 Logged dives (60 before cert.)
  • Medical within 12 months - If you plan on working in NZ. You have to get a full "Commercial Divers Medical" and apply for a "Certificate of Competence" from OSH before you can start working. We recommend getting the full medical now, rather than just the recreational version, to avoid dissapointment after you put in the effort of passing the course. Just ask us for details!

How much does it cost?

Your PADI Divemaster Course costs $1749 and includes the full PADI Divemaster Crew Pack which includes DM Manual and slates, Diving Knowledge Workbook, Encyclopaedia of Recreational Diving, PADI Wheel RDP, the eRDP, all Instruction, Boat Fees, Master of a Small Dive Boat Course & Certification, Oxygen Provider Course & Certification plus all air fills.

PADI membership fees are payable by you directly to PADI (AUD$205.70), and then you can start helping teach people to dive anywhere in the world!

Being able to introduce people that have never dived before, to what it is like in the underwater world is a life changing experience, one that not only challenges you physically and mentally but rewards you in many ways.

Start your next adventure with the people who have been doing it longer than anyone else. Dive Centre Ltd.

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When do we run the DIVEMASTER Program?

The Dive Master program is able to be started whenever you want!

It is a personal course and fits around your and our schedule so just ask about starting your PADI Dive Master Program today!

While every effort is made to ensure all information is correct, details are subject to change without notice.

Please phone us on (09) 444 7698      , or email us now, for availablility and confirmation of course dates.