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Referral Open Water

Going to the Tropics, or coming to NZ and want to finish your openwater Course with us?

New Zealand has more divers per head of population than any other country in the world, and this great sport is still increasing in popularity. With so much coastline and so many excellent diving spots (for looking or hunting!), it's no wonder that so many New Zealanders are getting into diving!

PADI Couple on beach - 2 AcrossHowever, you may be one of the lucky people that get the chance to go on tropical holidays where diving is something you would love to try. Well you have the option to do the first half of your course here with us. (This means you won't waste your holiday time doing classroom and pool sessions!) You can then complete your four dives in the sea at any PADI store or tropical resort in the world!

Also, many people are coming to NZ for a holiday and start a PADI course and want to complete their course in New Zealand! By doing the first half of the referal course somewhere else, you can complete just the four openwater dives with us and get PADI Certifiied!

We hope the following information answers any questions you have - if not, please call us on (09) 444 7698 or email us now - we are here to help!

Click here for the Open Water course schedule!

What's involved?

Get the best of both worlds with Dive Centre and our PADI Open Water Referral Course!

PADI Pre Dive Check - 2 AcrossStarting with us: You complete five pool sessions as well as five easy theory sessions and then once completed, you will get all the paperwork required to take with you on your holiday overseas, so you can complete your four ocean dives on a tropical reef instead!

Or if you've completed all the theory and pool sessions somewhere else, all you need to do is one refresher pool session and your four open water dives with us in beautiful New Zealand, and we certify you as a PADI Open Water Diver!

When are the classes held?

Weekend schedules are available for those that are too busy mid-week, enabling you to complete the referral in a single weekend!

Daytime classes also run Mon & Tues doing all your pool sessions in just two days. Or wednesday and Thursday if you are doing your Ocean DIves with us. If your schedule is especially busy, executive private courses can be scheduled around you!

You can click here to see our full schedule, remember, you just have to do the pool/theory sessions only, or just the four ocean dives if you're finishing off your course with us!

How much does it cost?

The price is $350pp whether doing pool & theory only, or open water dives only, and is the same cost no matter which schedule you choose; daytime or weekend sessions.
If you would prefer a private executive course, the cost is $799pp - or $699pp for two or more.
If you need to hire Mask, Fins, Snorkel and boots it costs $50 total for all sessions.

PADI Gear Assembly - 2 AcrossWhat's Included?

If starting with us, we supply your Open Water Crew Pack, which includes the Open Water Manual, Computer Manual, Dive Log Book and lots of other information. If finishing with us, you will already have this, but we include PADI certification fees.

We also supply your wetsuit, regulator (with full decompression computer), buoyancy compensation device (BCD), tanks, and pocket weight-belt for all pool dives/openwater dives.

What do I need to supply?

All you need to bring is your togs, towel, and your personal snorkelling equipment (mask, fins, snorkel, and boots) and a completed Dive Centre Ltd New Diver Medical Questionnaire  

Everyone doing a dive course needs to complete a medical questionaire and we recommend doing that before booking onto the course.

When completing the medical questionaire, if the answer is no to all questions on page 1, you can just sign it and it’s done. (Unless the diver is less than 18 years old in which case a parent/guardian must sign as well).

If the answer is yes to any of the page 1 questions it guides you which sections to fill out on page 2 and you must get your normal Doctor (GP) to sign it off on page 3.

This medical is scuba diving specific and must be completed less than 12 months before starting your course.

The form that is used is available from our main store, or you can download it here in pdf format. Dive Centre Ltd New Diver Medical Questionnaire  

If for any reason you fail the Medical, you will be refunded any course fees paid to us, as long as your PADI crew pack is undamaged, complete and you haven't written in the manual.

There is a list of Diving Doctors on the "Introduction page".

For comfort and hygiene reasons, many people prefer to use their own equipment. If you would like the piece-of mind and comfort of your own gear, we can help. Because we are family owned and NZ's largest dive equipment retailer, we only offer equipment you can trust!

Just ask about the special packages we have on offer in-store - or we can provide hire mask, snorkel, fins and boots for $50 if this option is preferred.

How well do I have to swim?

If doing the pool sessions with us, you will need to show that you can tread water for ten minutes and swim 200 metres in the pool.

PADI Turtle & Divers - 2 AcrossHow often do courses start?

New courses are starting every couple of weeks! Our full schedule is available here and if none of them suit, please give us a call to organise a one-on-one private course.

Why choose Dive Centre?

We are NZ's longest running dive store, since 1972 we have been training divers and now train more than anyone else in New Zealand, we are NZ's most trusted dive professionals. We are dedicated to ensuring you have the ultimate scuba experience. Come and see why our course is so popular!

Just call us on (09) 444 7698 or email us now and you can get into diving now!

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