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What is enriched air?

Enriched Air is just that, normal air, enriched with more oxygen. By reducing the amount of nitrogen in our cylinders and replacing it with oxygen, you can sometimes more than double your allowable no decompression time underwater!

PADI Eanx Entry - 2 AcrossEnriched air is for deep technical diving... isn't it?

There are many misconceptions about Enriched Air (also called Nitrox). Some people think it is a deep diving gas or that you need to take a big technical course to use it. Others believe it doesn't benefit the typical kiwi diver and you need heaps of special gear - The truth is very different!

The Facts about Enriched Air.

Enrichaed Air is the most popular PADI specialty course in the world! A lot of people diving Enriched Air use it to feel safer or to dive longer at depth, or to dive more often!

For example: If you do a dive to 18 metres, and spend 40 minutes of the 52 minute maximum, you are fairly close to the limits. But if you use 36% Enriched Air and do the same dive, you will have used only 40 minutes of a 2 hour and 5 minute maximum! Another benefit of Enriched Air, is that you can feel less tired after a day's diving because og the higher O2 levels.

With our new Enriched Air Course you can start enjoying the benefits of Enriched Air today! No big course, no special gear! There are of course a couple of new rules, like different depth limits, but after our program you will know everything you need to dive safely with enriched air.

How long does it take?

All you do is book onto the course, read the small manual and we schedule a quick review session when it's convenient for you and you do 2 dives with one of our normal running courses; easy as that!

What do I need to supply?

  • PADI Openwater Diver (or equivalent) with 10 logged dives 
  • A divers medical questionaire completed in the last 12 months

PADI Eanx Pre Dive Check - 2 AcrossDo I need special equipment?

You can dive with Enriched Air using the same equipment you normally use. No special equipment is needed at all! Usually cylinders have to be specially cleaned for Enriched Air, but thanks to our new advanced filling system this is no longer required!

Just a simple inspection, some new stickers and your cylinders are ready! For those of you who don't own them yet, hire cylinders are included instead.

Your Regulator, BCD, and the rest of your equipment does not have to be specially cleaned or altered, but your computer must be able to allow for Enriched Air. If it doesn't you can use one of ours no charge for the course!

How much does it cost?

The Enriched Air speciality costs $225.00 including your PADI manual, certification fees, two sets of cylinder Decals and your first two Enriched Air fills (or 2 hire cylinders if you don't own tanks yet). You will do two dives on the Leigh Coast with one of our Instructors, and all this is included! If you need to hire all of your equipment this costs $75 for the day.

Dive Longer, Dive Safer and Feel Better with Enriched Air and Dive Centre.

Phone us on (09) 444 7698 or email us now and get into Enriched Air Diving!


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