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Staff Profiles

Margaret Kidd - Managing Director

Margaret is the longest serving member of the New Zealand Dive Industry, having been involved in the dive industry since 1969. Later that same year she learnt to dive, when a 42 year old woman surprised all the "Ex-Navy" Instructors by booking onto a Dive course (the first women to do so with the company). Margaret was told she was learning to dive as her buddy that night! She has loved it ever since. Considered a "Second Mum" to staff and many customers!

Malcolm Kidd - Instructor / Managing Director

Since his first snorkel at the Poor Knights at the age of five, Malcolm has loved the Ocean. He completed his NZUA Dive Course in 1982 (at age 11), was "volunteered" to fill dive cylinders during school holidays from age twelve, and worked part-time every school holiday from then on. He started working full time in November 1989, and when Guy retired, he took over the business. With Margaret's help, Malcolm has expanded the company into the brand new store in Constellation Drive. His favourite dives are Darwin and Wolf Islands in the Galapagos, Vava'u with Humpback Whales, "Blue Corner" in Palau, and Sail Rock in the Hauraki Gulf.

Guy Kidd (Retired)

Guy started snorkelling on the Mahia Peninsula at age five. He joined the RNZ Navy at age 16 and become a fulltime member of the dive team shortly after. Having distinguished himself in the Navy Dive Team, he left to complete a major commercial diving project and helped start "Diver Services" in the late 1960's on Aucklands North Shore. He then started Dive Centre Ltd in 1972 and quickly became something of a legend in the industry for his professional diver training, dedication to his customers, and passion for the sport. (As well as the infamous "Dive Centre Bus" trips to the Poor Knights that people still talk about 20 years later)! He retired in 2000 but is still diving and fishing almost every week!

Matt Shortall - Instructor / Customer Service

Matt used to teach so many courses for us, it could have been said he had two part-time jobs! Well, now he's joined us fulltime! Matt first learnt to dive in October 1998 and spent a few years just enjoying diving. He progressed up to Rescue Diver in January 2004 and quickly went on to Divemaster in June 2004. After becoming an Instructor he has been "bitten by the bug" and is doing all kinds of courses, from Openwater to helping train new Instructors, Enriched Air, and now also specialises in Sidemount and Twin Tank Technical Courses as now even Solo Diver courses! He became a PADI Master Instructor in 2008. You won't find a more keen diver - on 99% of his days off he's diving for fun - owns his own boat and if it's wet he wants to dive it!

Helen Anderson - Office

Our beloved financial controller has worked with us over two different time periods now! She first started with us in 1987 and ran our office until 1997, then left to go to the IT industry, but luckily for us returned in 2002 and still makes sure the financial operations run smoothly for us!

Rex Marriot- Cylinder Testing

Rex has worked for us for almost ten years testing cylinders over two different time periods! Through the late 80's and early 90's he worked fulltime for 8 years and now he's come back into the team to test cylinders... when he's not out fishing!

Rick Bryce

Rick was a bit of a legend around the Auckland dive scene, as he has helped on many courses, organised many, many trips and was always there with advice and a crayfish for those in need over the 14 years that he was with us.

Ricked died on Friday 9th April 2010.

He is sorely missed by us and all his dive buddies.