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Free Freight on all orders over $100 in our Regulator department.

Scuba equipment is "life support equipment".

A Regulator requires new parts from time to time throughout it's life, to safely deliver air without malfunctions.

Buying ultra cheap equipment like this isn't like getting a cellphone cheap! If a brand of Scuba Equipment is imported by a shop, when they change their mind, and stop bringing in that brand/model of Regulator, they don't bring in parts either!

That means you are stuck with a Regulator, that when it needs parts, (and it will) you won't be able to fix it!

Without these parts, all you can do is buy a new regulator!

We sell regulators far to often to people in this situation.

Give yourself some peace of mind, and buy equipment that is going to give you many, many years of service, from NZ's most trusted dive professionals - Dive Centre Ltd.

Pre-Dispatch Assembly and Safety Check.

All items you purchase from us are assembled, safety checked and ready to dive before dispatching to you.


...are assembled in our service bay and fully checked to make sure they are ready to dive and medium pressure is exactly at the manufacturers recommended setting. Alternate Air Sources and Computers/Gauges are fit and checked and ready to dive.


...have time, date, and normal air dive parameters set so you know your computer is ready to dive straight away. This means you can spend minimal time setting them up and is done for customer service, your safety and convenience. However, if you wish us to leave the computer in it's default state, please note this on the sales screen when finalising your sale.


...are tested to ensure all valves are the correct torque settings and the inflator systems and dump valves are all operating perfectly. Our aim is to make sure this equipment is ready to dive as soon as you unpack it. If you have any questions about your newly arrived equipment, or indeed anything else, please phone us on +64 9 444 7698 seven days, we are here to help!

If you buy a BCD on it's own, it will come with the inflator hose that should be fit to your existing Regulator. This hose is the correct length for your new BCD size, and you should always remove your old inflator hose and replace it with the new one. This ensures the hose isn't too long and getting caught on rocks and kelp, or too short and pulling the inflator out of position making it harder to find when you need it. If you can't send your Regulator to us to fit the inflator hose, we recommend you take it to a local dive service agent to have them fit it for you.

Aqualung Legend 3 Elite Regulator

Manufacturer: Aqualung

Price: $1,116.00

Aqualung Legend 3 MBS Regulator

Manufacturer: Aqualung

Price: $1,008.00

Aqualung Mikron ACD Regulator

Manufacturer: Aqualung

Price: $720.00

Aqualung Titan Regulator

Manufacturer: Aqualung

Price: $522.00

Aqualung Calypso Regulator

Manufacturer: Aqualung

Price: $405.00

Apex MTX-RC Regulator and Octi Set-Yoke

Manufacturer: Apeks

Price: $1,440.00

Apex MTX-RC Regulator and Octi Set-Din

Manufacturer: Apeks

Price: $1,440.00

Apeks XTX200 Regulator-Yoke

Manufacturer: Apeks

Price: $891.00

Apeks XL4+ Regulator

Manufacturer: Apeks

Price: $922.50

Jax Customisable Molded Mouthpiece

Manufacturer: Mares

Price: $39.99

Aqualung Braided MP Reg Hose 74cm

Manufacturer: Aqualung

Price: $99.90

Aqualung Braided MP Octopus Hose 100cm

Manufacturer: Aqualung

Price: $119.90

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