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Jax Customisable Molded Mouthpiece

CODE: 49500-BK

Jax Moldable Mouthpiece

Sick of having a sore jaw after every dive?

Sick of buying lots of mouthpieces cause you've bitten through them?

Thanks to a new technology created in the dental sector, it is now possible to have a custom fit mouthpiece.

Simply immerse Jax in boiling water for a few seconds, then bite down for a personalised mouthpiece.

As it cools down it becomes solid like a mouthguard - No more "Bitten through" mouthpieces!

It creates a perfect mold of your teeth and because the lugs on the mouthpiece are longer it takes less effort to hold it in your mouth. You don't have to bite down - the ridges and shape of your teeth hold it in place, and because it's so thin your jaw is far more comfortable.

It is designed to be only 4mm thick so your jaw is in a more natural comfortable position.

Welcome to more comfortable and relaxing dives!

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