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Kayenne Jr Goggles

CODE: 170970
PRICE: $39.99

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The Aqua Sphere Kayenne Jr. Goggles offer swimmers an extra wide, 180 degree view. Their extra wide, oversized lenses allow kids to get an unparalleled panorama of the underwater world around them. Designed to curve around the face and match facial lines, the junior swimming goggles provide crystal clear clarity in and out of the water. In fact, the Kayenne Jr.’s lenses use a patented curved technology that helps give a wide view without distorting a swimmer’s field of vision. The lenses themselves are made from Plexisol, which is 10 times stronger than glass and 100 times lighter. This durable Aqua Sphere pair was designed to withstand any and everything that junior swimmers put goggles through on a daily basis. Keep your child’s vision clear during any circumstance with a little help from Aqua Sphere’s own Goggle Anti-Fog Solution. A few drops in a pair of goggles will help strengthen and prolong the built in anti-fog protection.


While the Aqua Sphere Kayenne Jr. Goggles give swimmer’s excellent underwater clarity and peripheral field, the pair’s frame is able to remain low on the face. The junior swimming goggle is equipped with a super slim micro frame. Not only does the low-lying frame help keep the goggle securely in place, but also decreases drag and increases streamline performance. While the wide field of view makes the pair ideal for recreational swimming, the goggle’s low profile also allows it to work great during training sessions and swim meets. Plus, the frame is rimmed with a hypoallergenic Softeril skirt that provides a proven comfortable fit. If your little swimmer is more in the market for a mask-goggle hybrid, then check out the Aqua Sphere Vista Junior Mask. It offers an even wider field of vision that’s great for swimming in all water environments.


The Aqua Sphere Kayenne Jr. Goggle was definitely made with kids in mind. The goggle features an easy to adjust silicone head strap with a Quick-Fit Buckle for an always-perfect fit. The goggle is easy to adjust, even while worn and in the water. In addition to the strap, the Kayenne Jr. features a stabilizing nose bridge that helps further ensure a secure and comfortable fit. 

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